NMCR 2010 M-R


A few more of the plants at NMCR in 2010:
from Mammillaria through Ritterocereus 


More images of some of the cacti encountered during a visit to NMCR in 2010.
Most of the plants on this page were grown from seed by Horst. The first two are vegetatively propagated.

This first image did not turn out well but was one of my favorites.
Before his illness disrupted his plans, Horst had begun propagating a cristate form of the popular monstrose Mammillaria bocasana cv. “Fred”.

Horst was preparing to release this clone under the name “Ethel” to be an appropriate counterpart for “Fred”.



monstrose Mammillaria bocasana cv. “Fred”



Mammillaria elongata cv. “Golden Stars”



Mammillaria microcarpa
(in the first image it is next to a Matucana madisoniorum)



Mammillaria occidentalis 


Mammillaria species (no label) 


Parodia splendens f. major



Parodia variabilis  




Pyrrhocactus bulbocalyx



Ritterocereus edulis
As Horst commented, the name suggests a use for food of some sort. He had been unable to learn more about it or the origin of the name choice.



My visit is divided as :

Visiting NMCR in 2010
A-H Ariocarpus – Hoodia
M-R Mammillaria – Ritterocereus (You are here)
Trichocereus bridgesii – deserticola 
Trichocereus macrogonus — pachanoi
Trichocereus poco — Trichocereus thelegonus

I hope that you enjoy seeing NMCR!