Disclaimer & Cautionary Statement to Readers


This disclaimer is actually important for you to read. All information is contained strictly for informational and educational purposes and should not be construed as advocacy for anyone to violate state or federal laws. 

Depending on where a person lives, the following material contains discussions of practices that might place one in direct violation of state and federal laws if they were applied in reality by the reader. 

Mescaline and some similar substances are currently regarded as dangerous drugs. 

Despite a complete lack of human fatalities and a proven safety record in humans exceeding that of many commonly prescribed & readily available over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, they are, in fact, at least potentially, quite dangerous substances. This is not due to their their pharmacological or toxic properties but rather is entirely the direct result of the potential actions that may arise from those who quixotically consider them to be dangerous and who are dedicated to MAKING them dangerous. 

These peoples’ extremely serious and ever-present threat of very real danger should never be underestimated. This is not a rational issue for them and no amount of logical persuation can be expected to sway their emotionally and/or religiously based opinions.

Failure to comply with state or federal laws can result in lengthy imprisonment, excessive fines, terroristic home invasions, deliberate terrorism of your family & friends, wanton destruction & vandalism of personal belongings, infliction of immense mental anguish on you & your loved ones, savage beatings & other physical injury, intimidation or harassment of friends or casual acquaintances or even the targeting of them for similar fates, attempted or successful sabotage of career or business reputation with malicious attacks upon and slanderous accusations against personal character being deceptively presented to employers, friends, family or business acquaintances with deliberate pejorative intent, deliberately brutal murder or injury of pets, eviction from rental properties and/or a complete loss of assets, checking & savings accounts, vehicles, computers, other possessions & real property, child custody, or even worse. 

You may even find yourself being shot in the middle of the night by automatic weapons carrying, night-vision goggled home-invaders as you are trying to put on your pants. 

There is no example mentioned above which has not already occurred in the efforts being directed against drug users.

While seemingly unthinkable in any free and democratic society, this is currently the very serious state of reality produced by the present illegality of an increasing number of these substances and the existence of a well-funded and powerful modern-day Inquisition that is dedicated towards our eradication via a brutal reign of terror and violent suppression.  The war on drugs is not really a war on drugs but a war on drug users.

Readers should operate under no illusions when reflecting upon the reality of this as yet another attempted state-sponsored social purge & cultural cleansing.

The information contained in these pages is intended to better enable future research into this important and fascinating area of consciousness and science.

We do not advocate the use of illicit —or for that matter, any— drugs by uninformed or underinformed individuals.

However, we also recognize that many people will choose to use drugs whether they are informed or not.

We do not intend to encourage or promote drug use. 

We do want those who are already determined to use these substances, regardless of current legal status, to be able do so in an informed, knowledgeable and responsible manner; whether this is planned as sacrament, ‘recreation’ or experimental material.

Our hopes and intentions are that, through education and awareness, more informed choices can be made, thereby minimizing the risks often associated with substance use.

    It is with this in mind that we present the following.