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Part A is now located at so reading it will take you to that website. Part A itself is not yet available as a PDF but that will be added in the future. Creating this webpage has enhanced this book very nicely so those new additions are being incorporated into the PDF-to-come.

2015 4th Edition

Sacred Cacti Part A

Sacred Cacti 4th edition

The Mescaline Containing Species

Sacred Cacti 4th edition Part A: huachuma-Geneva

Huachuma (bona fide Trichocereus pachanoi) growing in a shaman’s garden in Peru.

Table of Contents

I hope that you enjoy this and please check back as this project heads to completion. Almost all of the basic material has been added. There is one remaining chapter that is only partly online (the second part of the Peyote Crisis is still being worked on) although the Opening comments and the Drug Wars material both still need to be brought out of the 1990s and into our modern New World.
I’ll post a note whenever those changes occur.


Disclaimer & Cautionary Statement to Readers
It is actually to your benefit if you read this.

Opening comments
[Excerpted from 2nd ed. as PDF]

Endnotes for Opening comments

Chapter One – The drug wars; some background and perspectives

Endnotes for Chapter One

A Few Similarities between the Drug Wars and the Witch Craze (after Szasz)
(Part of Chapter 1) [Drug War compared to Witch Craze PDF ]

Chapter Two – The Peyote ‘crisis’ and some suggestions. Revisited
[The first part of this revision is already online; the rest is coming soon!]

Chapter Three – The distribution and occurrences of mescaline

The reported distribution of mescaline containing species within the family Cactaceae

A more recent view

Comments on the occurrence & distribution of mescaline

Distribution of alkaloids within cacti

Chapter Four the Mescaline Containing Species

Aztekium ritteri (Bödeker) Bödeker

The Gymnocalycium species

Islaya minor Backeberg

The Lophophora species

Lophophora caespitosa

Lophophora decipiens Croizat

Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) H. Bravo

Lophophora echinata Croizat

Lophophora fricii Habermann

Lophophora jourdaniana Habermann

Lophophora koehresii (Ríha) Bohata et al.

Will the real Lewinii please stand up?

Lophophora lutea

Other” peyote species (pentagona, rapa, texensis, viridescens, etc.)

The Lophophora pentagona name game

Lophophora williamsii (Lemaire ex SalmDyck) Coulter

Archaic peyote, some beans and a rock

the genus Opuntia

Pelecyphora aselliformis Ehrenberg

Pereskia Mill.

Pereskiopsis Britton & Rose

Polaskia chende (Gosselin) Gibson & Horak

Pterocereus (?) gaumeri (Britton & Rose) MacDougall & Miranda

The Stenocereus species

Stetsonia coryne (SalmDyck) Britton & Rose

The Turbinicarpus species

Errors, Unknowns and Lingering Questions

Occurrence of Mescaline Endnotes

Chapter Five Mescaline
has become part of The Cactus Alkaloids.
[3 Dec. 2013 PDF 27.7 mb]

Chapter Six Mescaline Pharmacology
has become part of The Cactus Alkaloids.
[3 Dec. 2013 PDF 27.7 mb]

Chapter Seven the Cultivation & Propagation of Cacti
is now a separate booklet. [PDF]


The sections concerning Assays for, Colorimetric reactions of and the Reagents useful for mescaline have all been moved to the mescaline entry within The Cactus Alkaloids. [3 Dec. 2013 PDF 27.7 mb] Useful Manipulation Abstracts is also being moved to The Cactus Alkaloids but this has not yet occurred.

Biographical data for some cactus & succulent people

Some of Knize’s & Ritter’s Trichocereus offerings

Suggested reading

Inquisition Law

Peyote Music & Icaros

Bibliographic list for Ernst Spaeth

Bibliographic list for J.L. McLaughlin

Suggested reading concerning phosphenes, drug or mind interactions with rhythmic stimuli (entrainment), and entoptic imagery in rock & other shamanic art

Cactus Phenethylamines: A Tabular Key to their Structural Formulas

Cactus Isoquinolines: A Tabular Key to their Structural Formulas

Structural table Isoquinolines in alphabetical order (is part of the preceeding entry.)

Mescaline’s Krebs acid conjugates & other compounds reported from cacti

Cactus Triterpenoids & similar molecules: A Tabular Key to their Structural Formulas

Cactus Mucilage

Useful properties of some solvents commonly used in chromatography [PDF]

References A-Z [Reference list in a PDF format.]

Alkaloid cross-list






 The rest of the book is also online — as PDF files:

Part A  The Mescaline Containing Cacti

The Cultivation & Propagation of Cacti


[4th edition PDF]

Some Other Succulents

Some other succulents

Ch. 5 Some other succulents

[2nd edition PDF]

Part B   San Pedro

San Pedro book

PDF includes the “Pachanoi or Pachanot?” addendum

[3rd edition PDF; 4th edition is coming online.]

Part C  Cactus Chemistry

Section 1  The Cactus Alkaloids


[4th edition PDF]

Section 2  Cactus Chemistry By Species

TN#C10 Cactus Chemistry By Species

4th edition PDF
Intensely illustrated version

Cactus Chemistry By Species 2014 Light

[4th edition PDF – “Light” version for easier research use]

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