Garden of Eden

   Garden of Eden is an amazing work by my friend Snu Voogelbreinder.


   Snu Voogelbreinder has at-long-last released a PDF of his magnum opus. Anyone who missed out on acquiring a copy of his book now has another opportunity! I am posting a link below for convenience.

   “Garden of Eden (2009 1st edition) is now available as a pdf, for the modest price of AU$12 (Australian dollars).

 Some glitches have been reported lately with the former download/purchase link at Payloadz – please contact Snu directly at <>. Thank you for your patience if he is slow to respond.”

Another comment from Snu:
“Here is a free download of Errata for Garden of Eden (1st edition), listing and correcting a few things that eluded me before publishing. Thanks to Keeper Trout for bringing some of these to my attention!”

   Garden of Eden, by Snu Voogelbreinder explores the vast world of psychoactive plants, animals and other organisms, and their uses in shamanism, spiritual exploration and healing. Encompassing scientific research, personal experience, ancient knowledge and esoteric philosophies, a multidisciplinary approach is taken, giving a wide view of the effects of natural substances on the mind, with an emphasis towards beneficial outcomes. Preliminary information is given regarding neurochemistry, drug-free consciousness alteration, and methods of use, from cultivation or wild-sourcing through to harvesting, processing, consumption and navigation of the effects. Thousands of species from over 1700 genera are discussed, with over 440 genera covered in greater detail, including botanical and zoological descriptions. Also included are a detailed index of natural chemicals of particular interest, and a huge bibliography containing thousands of reference entries.

   The book is partly illustrated in black & white, 510 pages, hardcover (22cm x 30.7cm x 4.1cm). Printed on sturdy Envirocare 100% Recycled post-consumer fibre (chlorine-free), using vegetable oil-based inks, benign press chemicals and 100% solar power in pre-press and print production. The manufacture was carbon-neutral.

   This edition was self-published by the author and limited to 500 copies.

To contact the author, send an e-mail message to:


 Garden Of Eden is now sold out! Snu would like to thank all those people who now own a copy for their patronage (which has benefited several charities) and extended words of appreciation. Their support helped make it all worthwhile.

   This book is a fine complement to other classics of the genre, such as Christian Rätsch’s Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants, Jonathan Ott’s Pharmacotheon and Trout’s Notes.


Thank you for your interest!