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  This page is still growing. It is presently a list, with links if available, of books, papers or presentations by or involving Keeper Trout. 



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An amazing book by a good friend needs to be mentioned

Garden of Eden by Snu Voogelbreinder.
  The first printing has been entirely sold. A PDF is now being made available by Snu for a fair price.

 Trout's Notes library Garden of Eden

Powerpoint presentations available online in our library

Lophophora; A Genus in Decline
  YouTube video of Keeper Trout’s second presentation at EGA in 2011

  Presented in a draft form at ICS8 in 2010 and in a final version at the 2011 EGA.
  [YouTube video]
[Other videos from EGA]


Trout's Notes library lagid


Mescal; An Ethnobotanical Trainwreck
  A video of Keeper Trout’s presentation at the 50th anniversary Ethnopharmacological Search for Psychoactive Drugs conference at Tyringham Hall in 2017 (depicted above as the featured image).
[Vimeo video]
  [Other presentations from the same conference.]

A print version of the proceedings (1967 and/or 2017) is available through


Mescal; an ethnobotanical train-wreck


Huisachillo Trouble in Texas?
  10 mb PDF of the Powerpoint accompanying the talk.
  Presented at ICS7 in 2009 & again in 2010 after being updated to its present form.

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San Pedro
  PDFs of the corresponding Powerpoints accompanying the talks.

  Presented at WVC 2011 (11 mb) and EGA 2011 (15 mb). The presentations overlap but are not identical.


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Educational web articles or projects

Associated plants project at Cactus
(Entry page for both Astrophytum asterias & Lophophora)

Astrophytum asterias–Associated plants
  Direct link to this ongoing project at the CCI site.

Lophophora species–Associated plants
  Direct link to this ongoing project at the CCI site.

Pachanoi or Pachanot?
  Fun & educational article.
  [Link] [PDF 6.8 mb]
  The original PDF version of “Pachanoi or Pachanot?” is now bundled with the free San Pedro book PDF.

San Pedro
  A tabular PDF summary to accompany the talks by that name which were given at EntheoGenesis Australis and the Women’s Visionary Congress.

Books, booklets & PDFs produced by Trout’s Notes & Keeper Trout

(DATE-e indicates an electronic publication or release rather than paper.)

Acacia species reported to contain Tryptamines and/or Beta-carbolines.
  Illustrated 2003 revision with addendum.
  Printed copies of the 2003 edition were only produced in Oz in limited numbers. It featured an additional color cover and inclusion of additional material from Mulga.
This work is being made available by popular request. It is VERY outdated material.

    [PDF 2003-e 12 mb]

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Ayahuasca: Alkaloids, Plants & Analogs (2004-e)
  The unpublished 2004 color 2nd edition of Ayahuasca & Ayahuasca Alkaloids, now retitled, reformatted into html and graciously being hosted on-line by the great folks at Erowid.

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Ayahuasca Analogues and Plant-Based Tryptamines: The Best of The Entheogen Review 1992-1999 [co-editor, with D. Aardvark and J. DeKorne] (2000)
  This was a compendium of previously published articles by multiple authors.
  [PDF is at Erowid]

Trout's Notes library Ayahuasca Analogs



Cactus Alkaloids (2013-e)
  [2013 PDF 27.7 mb]
  Published in large part in 1997 as Appendix A to Sacred Cacti.

Trout's Notes library C13 2013

  [Chemical synonym cross-listing from The Cactus Alkaloids.]



Cactus Chemistry by Species (1996/1999/2007-e/2014-e)
2014 Intensely illustrated color version [PDF 237 mb.]


Trout's Notes library Cactus Chemistry By Species

  [Species and synonyms list from Cactus Chemistry By Species]



Cactus Chemistry by Species light (2014-e)
  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4715.8886
Photograph-free version of the previous book to enable easier use in research work.




Cultivation & Propagation of Cacti (1996/1997/1999/2001/2006 in Oz/2014-e)
  [69 mb PDF]
Originally this material formed a chapter within the pages of the 1997 book Sacred Cacti and was already being made available as a stand-alone booklet in 1996.
During 2006-2012, with its cover retitled Cactus Cultivation, this was produced & distributed in Oz through Happy Herbs. It is no longer in hardcopy production anywhere.

Trout's Notes library C2 2014



Desmanthus leptolobus (2004-e)
  A web-based educational page.
This page is being revised and will return in the future.

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The Genus Desmodium (1997/2004-e)
  [2004 PDF]

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Pachanoi or Pachanot(2012-e)
  Fun & educational article .
  [HTML full version]
[Abridged PDF 6.8 mb; adapted from the LAIM site version. The LAIM site is now offline.]

   The PDF of “Pachanoi or Pachanot?” is also now merged with the San Pedro book PDF.

Trout's Notes library Pachanoi or Pachanot




Sacred Cacti: Botany, Chemistry, Cultivation & Utilization (Narayan 1997; Better Days Publishing 1999/2001/2015-e)
  This book is coming to THIS website *in its entirety* (i.e all four volumes will be ONLINE and that process is already complete. Revised editions of the San Pedro book and Cactus Chemistry By Species are coming online in 2018.).

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San Pedro (2011-e)
  Analysis handout (PDF accompanying EGA and WVC talks)



San Pedro & Related Trichocereus Species (2005/2013-e)
  Originally this book was just part of a chapter within the pages of Sacred Cacti.

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Some Simple Tryptamines (2002/2007/2013-e)

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Some Other Succulents (2004-e)
Extracted from the partially still-unpublished third edition of Sacred Cacti. This 13-year old booklet needs much updating to bring it back to being current.

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  The Cactus Alkaloids
    (cumulative references for all four volumes of Sacred Cacti, fourth edition)

  Cactus Chemistry Summary: By Species

  Sacred Cacti, third edition

  Some Simple Tryptamines, second edition



Papers & Articles


  Martin Terry & Keeper Trout. 2017. “Regulation of peyote (Lophophora williamsii: Cactaceae) in the USA: A historical victory of religion and politics over science and medicine.” Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 11(1): 147–156.
[736 Kb PDF]

  Keeper Trout. 2017 (in-press) “Mescal: an ethnobotanical trainwreck.” Ethnopharmacological Search for Psychoactive Drugs, Vol. 2, Synergetic Press, Santa Fe.


  Keeper Trout & Martin Terry. 2016. “Decline of the Genus Lophophora in Texas.”, Chapter 1 in Bia Labate & Clancy Cavner (eds.) “Peyote: “History, Traditions, Politics, and Conservation” ABC-CLIO/Praeger Publishers


  Molly T. Klein, M. Kalam, Keeper Trout, Norma Fowler & Martin Terry. 2015. “Mescaline concentrations in three principal tissues of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae): Implications for sustainable harvesting practices.” Haseltonia 20: 34–42.
[~4 Mb PDF]


  Martin K. Terry, Teodoso Herrera, Keeper Trout, Bennie Williams & Norma Fowler. 2014. “Limitations to natural production of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae) III. Effects of repeated harvesting at two-year intervals for six years in a South Texas population.” Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas,  8 (2): 541–550.
(1.9 Mb PDF)

  Keeper Trout, Blake Edwards & Martin Terry. 2014. “The Peyote Crisis & some Suggestions. Revisited.”
[Article is on-line at the CCI website


  M. Abul Kalam, Molly T. Klein, Diana Hulsey, Keeper Trout, Paul Daley & Martin Terry. 2013.   “A preliminary report of mescaline concentrations in small regrowth crowns vs. mature crowns of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae); cultural, economic, and conservation implications.”  Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 7 (1): 435–440.
[~1.8 Mb PDF]

  Martin Terry & Keeper Trout. 2013. “Cultivation of peyote: a logical and practical solution to the problem of decreased availability.” Phytologia, 95 (4): 314–320,
[119 Kb PDF]  [Same PDF from]


  Martin K. Terry, Teodoso Herrera, Keeper Trout, Bennie Williams & Norma Fowler. 2012. “Limitations to natural production of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae) II. Effects of repeated harvesting at two-year intervals in a South Texas population.” Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 6 (2): 567–577.
[~1.5 Mb PDF]

  Martin K. Terry, Keeper Trout, Bennie Williams & Teodoso Herrera. 2012. “Cultivation of peyote by Native Americans: Past, present and future.”
Presentation given by Dr. Terry at the 2012 annual meeting of the Society for Economic Botany.
[YouTube video]

  Keeper Trout. (2012-e) “Pachanoi or Pachanot?” (Current version)
    [HTML full version] [Abridged PDF 6.8 mb]
    The PDF of “Pachanoi or Pachanot?” is also now combined with the San Pedro book PDF.


  Martin K. Terry, Teodoso Herrera, Keeper Trout, Bennie Williams & Norma Fowler. 2011. “Limitations to Natural Production of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae) I. Regrowth and Survivorship Two Years Post Harvest in a South Texas Population.”  Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 5 (2): 661–675.

  Keeper Trout & Burnt Norton. 2011. “Peyote Regrowth Following Proper Harvesting Practices.” Illustrated article online at Erowid. (June 2011) 
An electronic version can be found on-line at Appearing in the June 2011 Erowid extracts, 20: 8–11.


  Olabode Ogunbodede, Douglas McCombs, Keeper Trout, Paul Daley & Martin Terry. 2010. “New mescaline concentrations from 14 taxa/cultivars of Echinopsis spp. (Cactaceae) (“San Pedro”) and their relevance to shamanic practice.” Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 131 (3): 356–362.  
   [ Link 1  ] [Link 2 ]
Images to accompany Ogunbodede et al. 2010 ]

  Keeper Trout & Burnt Norton. 2010. “Peyote in the Wilds of Texas.”
    Illustrated article is online at Erowid. (Nov 2010-e)


  Keeper Trout. 2008.  “Old Hair and Tryptamines.” The Entheogen Review, 16 (4): 146–149 (Dec 2008)


  Keeper Trout. 2005. “Z practik Keepera Trouta.” Kaktusy, 4: 8–9. [Grafting article was kindly translated by Jan Říha]


  Keeper Trout & Mark Hoffman. 2001. “Faith, Belief, and the Peyote Crisis.”
    [This was rewritten so heavily by Mark Hoffman that I would have preferred the credit to be given as Hoffman & Trout 2001.] Entheos, 1(2) (Winter 2001)


  Keeper Trout by Brett Lothian in 2017 (illustrated by BL).
    [Trichoserious website]

  Keeper Trout by Lex Pelgar in 2017 (video).
    [Psychedelic salon podcast

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